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Being a web hosting review website it is our responsibility to bring up to you the best and the latest results of a web hosting provider. As HostingRaja is one of the most renowned web hosting providers in India. HostingRaja customers are spread across India from north to south and east to website. Being a popular web hosting service they will surely be having customer complaints as well.


Hosting Raja the leading web hosting company in India and known for the 24/7 customer support. In Hosting Raja they offer support through telephone, e-mails, ticket system and live chats. HostingRaja web hosting services come with 99.99% uptime guaranteed web time and they offer high Availability technology for web hosting services. In HostingRaja they make use of best technologies and provide quality services to their clients. In Hosting Raja they always make use of RAID technology for the servers to prevent the downtime.




In this section you will be able to know about the services provided by hosting raja as well as customer reviews and complaints. There are many things that needs to be remembered while choosing a web hosting provider. And one of the most important task that needs to be performed is to check web hosting providers complaint. Going through complaints of web hosting service will help you understand the web hosting service better. You will also be able to recognise the loopholes in a particular website hosting company.


Hosting Service is the heart and soul of any website. There is a great possibility that your website many not perform to its fullest or even fail if the web hosting service is not chosen carefully. Though HostingRaja is one of the most popular web hosting service. We have recognised that there are many drawbacks in their service. We want this place to explored by those upset customers of HostingRaja who not satisfied with their services in one way or the other.


Our main motive is not to downgrade their services, but we want to be a medium through which they can improve their services.  


As a web Hosting Review Website we would like to suggest some important points which will help your website perform better on the web:


  •  Price is not Most Important Factor


It's better not to be blanked by the lowest price when choosing a web hosting service. If you start from the lowest price, at the end you might have to pay more as web hosting charges. One must check if they have to pay extra later, or if the plan you have chosen is worth your expectations. Are the plans upgradable easily.


  •  Look for a Reliable Service


Always look for a service, which is offering a 24/7 service. If you choose a reliable service you will be able to speak by online chat as well as phone and not just by an email. If you are able to reach the support in real time there is a good chance that your problems will be resolved faster.




  • Online Security is a Major Aspect


It's always good to get an SSL certificate especially if you are operating an ecommerce website. This will make your shopping website easy to use. You can even ask if you are getting protection against the spam, viruses as well as other malware.




  • Better Flexibility for your Business Needs


As your business starts growing so will your website too. Always make sure that your web host is able to support the changes which is made on the website. You should be able to add blogs, videos, database, picture galleries. Is the web hosting provider able to integrate a better technology. Is the service scalable if the number of website visitors increases. Always choose the web host according to the future plans, not according to where you are placed now.


These are some of the points which will help your business achieve better goals for your future. Hope you have got a complete information on do’s and don'ts while selecting a web hosting service.

User's Review   

0 #19 Gaureesh 2018-07-31 06:21
Hostingraja is the low cost web hosting service provider. Their servers are of good speed and there is no downtime with their sevices. Their hosting plans are well suitable and come with reliable features at an affordable price. I bought the unlimited hosting plan and it is very good to host multiple websites. With hostingraja servers my site performances is good and speed. Overall good and best web hosting provider.
0 #18 Muhammad Amir 2018-07-13 05:56
I have tried many hosting providers but hostingraja is best compared to all my previous provider. Their services are good and reliable. All their support team members behave like a professional. Their live chat is available 24/7 and all my tickets are closed after a proper solution. They offer the best and useful features for hosting services. And i have never had any downtime with their servers. Overall best hosting provider in india.
0 #17 Unmaan Singh 2018-07-12 05:39
I am with hostingraja for many years and i am happy with the services offered by them. While purchasing the plan they provided me a good discount and they also offered numerous features for the lowest price. And their servers are fast and the website is performing well. I have not faced any downtime with their servers.

I am very much satisfied with their services and i have never faced any issues with their services. Their support team is very friendly with the clients. I am very thankful to their services and hope you maintain the same services forever.
0 #16 Pratyush 2018-07-02 08:00
Hostingraja is one of the best hosting provider i have ever seen. I have never been disappointed with their services. They have a very good support team who are able to provide a reliable service. I like their services mainly due to their plans because they offer all the required features at an affordable price. Hostingraja cpanel is easy and simple to use. Overall i like their services and recommend to everyone.
0 #15 Nandish 2018-06-28 05:56
Hostingraja is the excellent hosting provider and they offer a good number of features at an affordable price. All the features offered by hostingraja are very helpful and the control panel is great. If i have any issues their support team is available 24/7 to help me out. The best part of hostingraja is the Uptime and i have never faced a single downtime. They are the best hosting provider i have ever seen. And i am very thankful for hostingraja services.
0 #14 Fahad Mohammed 2018-06-27 07:11
Hostingraja services are the best. The hosting services offered by them is fast and reliable. Most probably their customer service and support is awesome. Their support team is very helpful and guides in a proper manner. And their support staffs are very friendly as they understand the issue and sort it out as soon as possible. I like everything in hostingraja and I recommend their services to all types of business.
0 #13 Sagni Rajesh 2018-06-26 06:02
Hostingraja is suitable for small business. As they provide affordable plans along with reliable features. I like their services mainly due to their support team they respond is very fast and solve the issues quickly. And also the cpanel offered by them is very good and reliable. Their cpanel is very convenient to use. And moreover they offer 24/7 support and their servers are fast and secure. Happy with hostingraja and recommend their services to everyone.
0 #12 Bhagat 2018-06-25 05:54
I like hostingraja services. If i have any problem with the servers their support team is always there to help me. Hostingraja support team is very fast compared to my previous hosting provider. Before coming to hostingraja i have tried many hosting providers and the service offered by them were very poor and unreliable. So i migrated to hostingraja and their services are very helpful. I have not faced any issue with their services and i recommend their services to everyone. :sigh: :roll:
0 #11 Maneet Patel 2018-06-21 07:59
Good services by hostingraja. I have purchased their dedicated server plan and completely satisfied with their services offered. I have not faced any issues with hostingraja from the beginning. Their support team has been very prompt and helpful whenever i contact them. The prices they offered were excellent and there was no any downtime till now. I hope they will be providing the same services in the future. Thanks to hostingraja for being a good service provider.
0 #10 Pankaj Madesh 2018-06-19 06:10
Hostingraja has been the great platform for my website. In the initial stage i started with 1 website but now all my 6 websites are being hosted in hostingraja. Thir services are simply super and all my 6 websites are performing fast. In this 2 years of experience with hostingraja i have never faced a single downtime. I purchased a vps server and their servers are very reliable and fast. Their support team is ready to help with each and every step. Overall happy and expecting the same services in the future.

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