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Hosting Raja is in the top notch position and is considered as Best web site hosting provider around us. With Hosting Raja customers get satisfactory and dependable web hosting at affordable and cheapest prices. Hosting Raja is one and only Indian Company that provides great supports/assistance in all Indian languages. There are many web hosting services providers out there, but it is Hosting Raja that leader of the market and provide the customers with the cheapest and best web hosting services and registration of domain names. It can be considered as the No 1 Hosting Company that never compromises the best of the services.


The main reason of Hosting Raja to be in the top position is for the dedicated service and also the honesty at their work. The hosting company is the market leader and got popular amongst the customers within short time span. The web hosting service provider is all known for their Reliable and Quality web site host. HostingRaja complaints are taken seriously and they work and the complaints to tackle the issues as soon as possible. The organization believes in using the new and advanced technologies. Hosting Raja provides the continuous innovation and 24/7 monitoring. The company provides their customers with 24/7 web nursing and conservation to the customers. Hosting Raja believes in working with best people who are skilled and professionals.
The Free Services that come with Hosting Raja Hosting Package:
• Get a web creator tool for free
• Avail with a Parked Domain for Free
• With a hosting get Add-on Domain for free
• A Control Panel is absolutely free
• No charges for Installation
• Hosting Raja offers Popular CMS’s setup for free

Guaranteed 99.9% Server Uptime:

The organization is one of the leading web hosting server providers in India. It offers 99.9% guaranteed web time and the organization is spending High Availability technology for web site hosting. Using best technologies and providing quality services are their aim. The experienced team of Hosting Raja always uses RAID technology for the servers for preventing the down time.

Hosting Raja Technical Support:

Hosting Raja the most popular web hosting provider is known for the best hosting supports. The Hosting Raja they offer support for all Technicalities 24x7 via several options like phone, e-mails, and chats in all Indian languages. They are patient to hear all the problems of every single customer and reply to all the queries as quickly as possible.


User's Review   

0 #10 Syed Abudhahir 2014-06-23 10:04
Only The Best! The best service provider for domain. Every time ready to help and solving problems. I like and recommend HostingRaja for excellent web hosting with best affordable price and best support.
0 #9 Yasswant 2014-06-08 05:26
I can honestly say that HostingRaja has lived up to what is advertised. I refer my clients ( I am a developer ) to HostingRaja always. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER ALTERNATIVE HOSTING SERVICE PROVIDER THAN HostingRaja.
0 #8 retailinsights 2014-04-24 05:46
Hosting Raja expert in providing complete Web Hosting Solutions service in Bangalore, India. Offers best web hosting services with servers running on the latest technologies available in the market.
0 #7 Mohan 2014-03-28 05:22
I am impressed with Hosting Raja Team. They're too professional, always ready to help. Before choosing this particular provider, we worked with all leading hosting providers worldwide, but finally Hosting Raja was the final choice in our shortlist. We're Happy with the Service, and Friendly Support Team.
0 #6 amit kumar 2014-02-17 07:27
hosting raja is one of the best webhosting services provider in india.
problem is that they dont give unlimited bandwidth in there plan.
you have to buy it separatly...

thanks for sharing
0 #5 Prabhas 2014-01-31 05:36
Hosting Raja has been really good to me. I bought hosting from them for one year and I got a domain free. Like, I wanted a particular domain and they gave it to me for free. I still can’t believe it and their service is so good. You can call them and actually ask them doubts about stuff. Great service.
0 #4 Yaamini 2013-11-06 10:14
HostingRaja is one of the Best hosting Companies in India for Cheapest Hosting services, so it will be wise decision to purchase web hosting packages from HostingRaja when you are targeting Indian market for your online business to boost your access speed with Less amount of Money.
0 #3 Santhosh 2013-10-28 10:34
Hosting Raja is the best web hosting provider in India. I would recommend HostingRaja to any organization looking for a best managed cloud services provider.
0 #2 Shaurya 2013-10-22 05:24
After using Hosting Raja Services I must say that the experience has been wonderful :roll: . The support team of Raja is highly proactive as the only time my website was down, they fixed it before hand and avoided any further issues.I was surprised when I called them to report these issue, as they were already working on it :-) . Although. the issue was not due to fault by Hosting Raja.
+1 #1 Rakesh 2013-08-22 05:23
Love Hostingraja, always the best choices and best products for the money. I explicitly use raja for all hosting needs. I have tried others, but nothing compares to the quality, and easily navigated back end platform that raja has to offer. :roll:

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